Monday, October 25, 2010

Tonight... I BLOG!

I am SOOOO far behind! I cant believe it...Looking back at all the pictures I have posted make me smile..Hard to believe the kiddos have grown so much! I watched a video of out Neighborhood Spring Fling in 2007...So hysterical! We have all changed so much! ;)

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Sunny Spot

I came home from the gym today and all my critters were laying around the living room...each in their very own sunny spot...stretched and relaxed like there was not a care in the world! I couldn't wait to find my sunny spot and RELAX for a while! Your laughing....Ya me too! Miss Riley has had other plans as did the hair all over my floor from my relaxed, loving life, critters! Time to clean! Its 2:30 and I have 1hour remaining until the boys come home....their friends will follow and my house will become party headquarters! ;) Enjoy the day! Its GORGEOUS out!

Friday, August 28, 2009

getting back in the swing of things....

Hey there! Long time no blog! I was sitting here waiting for my date night ride to arrive so I thought I would grace you with so words of wisdom...ha ha...and now my ride has it will have to wait! ;) The kids are back in school and I will have a little more time to work on my blog again! YEAH! I miss it! Enjoy your Friday night!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Kadens graduation from Kindergarten 2009
Mrs Davis and Mrs Moser
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2009...Totally retarded so far!

What a year it has been so far! Nothing short of annoying, challenging,dissappointing and devastating! I guess thats what keeps up going right??! Gods little tests to see how we handle adversity. It is hard sometimes to look at the tragedy around you and see something good in it..What lesson to learn...We have a great friend whos wife has cancer throughout her tiny body..They gave her less than a year to live..She is 27 years old! Such a shock! Pray for them both!She is fighting and praying for a miracle! We have several friends and relatives who have lost jobs and can't find any work...some facing losing thier homes...Pray for those who are looking for work! Have you seen "Kitt Kitridge American Girl"..It is a movie about losing job, homes and livelyhood because of the economic crisis of that time period. It is so today! I think everyone should see it! I took from it that there is nothing more important than being with your much more important than something material like a house, pride or status...A house can be replaced..but a "home" is with your family. I feel blessed to live in NWA! I think we are in a bubble and don't see what is going on around us....I keep hearing stories and it is frightening! VENT VENT VENT! My 1:30am insomnia rant! lol

I am laying here with my hubby snoring and I can't I am THINKING! Thinking about wall color and flooring, Koles test tomorrow...Insurance and what bills I need to pay! on and on! Calgon! Where are you....We had a flood in our house..I will post some pics at some point...But we are replacing 90% of our downstairs flooring and some other stuff...UGH! We were out of town and our toilet ran over for about 7 hours..LOTS of water! It is a blessing in that I get to paint and redecorate..But the waiting is killing me! I have no patience at all..maybe this little test is to teach me patience! I wanted it all fixed the day it happened! It has been 3 weeks and a day! Still nothing much done...We impatiently started painting..But I love it! So glad we chose the colors we did! I just need to find a complinetary color for the back entry...It clashes now..Can't have that! Well..I am going to attempt to sleep through this lovely. loud, snoring that my husband is serenading me with...Good Gravy! Happy Valentines week!